Rep Visit
12 September 2023 at 9am - Lincoln University in New Zealand

At Lincoln University, we’ve been leading land and primary industry-based education and research for more than 140 years.

We know where our sectors are evolving and the changes we need to make to take care of our natural environment and protect our biodiversity.

Equally, we understand the constants: the ever-present, unchanging principles that are essential to a healthy relationship with the land, food, fibre and natural ecosystems.

  • Many of our lecturers are actively involved with industry in the areas that they teach. This means you learn about what’s happening right now, in Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world. We also attract the most research funding per head than any other New Zealand university. 
  • Classes are small, so you get plenty of interaction with lecturers and your fellow students. You can ask plenty of questions and test your own conclusions. 
  • Many of our programmes have a strong component of practical experience. There are regular field trips and opportunities to apply your newly-learnt skills to solving real problems.